Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poem of Wednesday: for blue skies

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is the day of poetry. Our poem belongs to Laurence Suckling. He is a sophisticated poet who also teaches English in Oxford. He is described as:

"Musician, writer, poorly person, teacher, tall, thin, gap between front teeth, messy hair, large to-do list, love of walking, good at destroying laptops and mobiles, thoughtful, trusting, must try harder, patient, accepting, calm, bemused, out of step, large steps, big hands, awkward smiles, prone to silence, fails to listen to own advice, could do better, being proactive, hopefully on the up now.",faults and thughts

I don't know him so closely but people who know him confirm this description:) Here is the poem I choose for this beautiful day. Although it is a little bit emotional, it's plain and explicit in terms of giving the atmosphere of loneliness:

                              for blue skies

mouthing the words
the singer sings
though they were written
without me and this moment in mind
they fit and fill the void
another's absence and living has left

P.S. Capitals are omitted in the original work.

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