Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Old Days

I'm always curious about people's desire of going back to old days. I guess they believe in the possibility of shaping their past in a more attractive way. I don't think such a thing could happen. Because when we make mistakes we usually don't have the vision we have now. And there are also circumstances which canalize our actions into certain directions. We do what we need to do. For me I never want to go back in the past either for changing something or living in it.  It sounds boring and a little bit repudiation of who you are. Accept it or not we choose the way we are even when we are not aware of it. So why don't we let it slide? Maybe this chubby girl who didn't let her cousin move is cute but I'm ok with myself now, too.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time to Study :(

I'm so so soo sorry not to be able to post new things, book of Monday, movie of Sunday... All wait for next week. Coz I have been studying for a probable exam on 14th August. But first of all I need to be on the list of nominees :) The list will be announced on Monday. It's both exciting and worrisome. Big chance if I will be on the list and big sorrow if I can't pass the test. I can't determine what will happen next but I can get the better of 'now' at least. As you see I prepared an appropriate atmosphere for studying. My yellow papers, cork board, laptop of course the notebooks I love. Now I'm waiting for some inspiration because memorizing what is written in the book doesn't help me, I need to transform and internalize them, or deciding on my own point of view. Having a conception is far more important no matter how difficult to get it. Next Wednesday we will go on hopefully.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo of Saturday: Dragonfly

This photo is taken by Shikhei Goh in Indonesia. And it is one of the National Geographic Photo Contest images in 2011. Goh seems to take advantage of his friend who has helped him by spraying water to simulate raindrops. The original was taken during a sudden rainfall. It is a great occasion and being able to find such a helpful partner must be great.

What I see in this photo is the harmony of fragility and endurance. The transparent wings of the dragonfly and the tiny legs seem so vulnerable that you can't conceive the power of resistance of the little creature. Doesn't it give some inspiration about handling our problems?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quote of Friday

Today we quote from G. Bernard Shaw, one of my favorite playwrights and critics. I love his alert humor and explicit definition of the problems of his era. His catchy and amusing narration never bores me. But ı'm not going to write about his writings, what I am going to write about is this sentence:


Family, school, circle of friends... we constantly look for our selves in different places, and sometimes we identify ourselves with others, with the people we choose as role models. But we seldom think about determining our own standards and choosing a unique way and creating a new self for our "selves". When I first read this sentence I thought I should quit looking for ajar doors behind which I expected to find ME and preparing the content of the person I wanted to be. I'm still on the way but when I complete this task I know I won't be disappointed.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hobby of Thursday:)

Knitting : My harmless addiction! Reading, listening, watching cannot soothe me as much as knitting does.When I'm heavy with thoughts, I hug my colorful yarns, take a deep breath and start knitting another shawl with the same motif. I find vent on threads and needles. At each loop and row I get relaxed, lots of problems come to a solution and new ideas come to my mind during each session. It is like rehab. Since the beginning of 2012 I knitted nearly 10 meters long! At the photo below my shawls with different colors but same motif can be seen. These are for the dowry of A:) They will be given as presents to her husband's family before wedding. But as the winter comes I will knit jumpers, scarves and berets.


If you feel you are only remembered on your birthday there must be something wrong. Either with you, or the people around you, orr you have nothing to do! Today is my birthday (I'm 24 now)except from facebook messages only two friends called me.I guess I behaved cruelly sometimes:) Whatever, my sisters and mother were with me with their yummy presents that shocked me! (Thanx God I repeatedly talked about what I want and today get them:) Thanx A for her kind efforts!!!!

And these three angels are the presents that I bought for myself:)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poem of Wednesday

The sunlight on the garden
Hardens and grows cold,
We cannot cage the minute
Within its nets of gold;
When all is told
We cannot beg for pardon.