Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time to Study :(

I'm so so soo sorry not to be able to post new things, book of Monday, movie of Sunday... All wait for next week. Coz I have been studying for a probable exam on 14th August. But first of all I need to be on the list of nominees :) The list will be announced on Monday. It's both exciting and worrisome. Big chance if I will be on the list and big sorrow if I can't pass the test. I can't determine what will happen next but I can get the better of 'now' at least. As you see I prepared an appropriate atmosphere for studying. My yellow papers, cork board, laptop of course the notebooks I love. Now I'm waiting for some inspiration because memorizing what is written in the book doesn't help me, I need to transform and internalize them, or deciding on my own point of view. Having a conception is far more important no matter how difficult to get it. Next Wednesday we will go on hopefully.

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