Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hobby of Thursday:)

Knitting : My harmless addiction! Reading, listening, watching cannot soothe me as much as knitting does.When I'm heavy with thoughts, I hug my colorful yarns, take a deep breath and start knitting another shawl with the same motif. I find vent on threads and needles. At each loop and row I get relaxed, lots of problems come to a solution and new ideas come to my mind during each session. It is like rehab. Since the beginning of 2012 I knitted nearly 10 meters long! At the photo below my shawls with different colors but same motif can be seen. These are for the dowry of A:) They will be given as presents to her husband's family before wedding. But as the winter comes I will knit jumpers, scarves and berets.

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