Monday, July 23, 2012

Book of Monday

Book of Monday is by J.R.R. Tolkien : Roverandom. It is a very funny fairy tale about a little dog called 'Rover'. But this name will change into Roverandom as the adventure goes on. It simply refers to the instant changes of the environment and appearance of our hero in the world of magic.
I want to start with the introduction part, because is explains the emergence of the story. It bases on a real situation. It says, Michael, son of Tolkien, has lost his toy dog on the beach. So Tolkien wants to explain this loss by telling a story. In his fairy world Rover is a spellbound dog who is bound to be toy at first. Because it has attacked a magician and tore his trouser. This magician is Artaxerxes and he turns him into a little toy and the adventure begins. Rover is sold to the mother of Michael. Michael loves the dog but cannot prevent its escape. After Rover runs off he meets other odd magicians, goes to Moon with Mew, visits the dreams of little children with the Man on the Moon. He also learns he is not the only Rover. There are Rovers on the moon and under the sea and they become little Rover's companions during his travel.

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