Friday, July 6, 2012

57 Chevy

Hello again after five months!!! And this site deserves its name 'twolazzies'from now on. Unfortunately we couldn't write even a word during that time but we have learned lots of things. All related to human beings. Nearly everything has changed since last year. Our city, neighbors, friends, attitudes and ourselves of course. I can't even remember most of them but I can write recent events that kinda affected us and changed our point of view against people. The toy car you see up is a memory of the particular day I will be talking about. Last week I got a phone call from one of the friends of A. who says the university she is working for will make an exam for MA students and I should apply for it. I got excited upon this news and applied for it immediately. I went to İ. with A. and took the exam. In the exam the head of the department asked a question about his own works. Then during the oral interview we were tested about our enthusiasm,as a shy person I can't say it was successful. Nevertheless I kept my shirt on. But the bomb exploded (:) after we came home. That 'friend' wrote on her Facebook status 'I interviewed some 30 odd people today,and learned that I should be more mechanical than being sympathetic.' That stone was for me?? What kind of an instructor could write that biased statement. Then I decided not to go there, coz I don't think people who are incompetent about human relations can teach me anything useful. It was a hurtful way to see how people change.

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