Monday, July 23, 2012

Leonard Zelig

Yesterday I watched 'Zelig', a Woody Allen movie released in 1983. "The film was photographed and narrated in the style of 1920s black-and-white newsreels, which are interwoven with archival footage from the era and re-enactments of real historical events." says Wikipedia. Its hero is Leonard Zelig a man with the ability of changing appearances when he needs to feel in safe. After his disorder is observed, doctors try to diagnose the disease. Dr.Fletcher is the only person who sympathizes him and she diagnoses him as chameleon man through hypnotism. Zelig explains the reason of the transformation: He transforms into the strong people around him because it is safe to have their abilities or to be one of the herd is harmless. This Zelig thing still works, I think. World is filled with chameleon people who is with the stronger ones all the time. And the film is a masterpiece.  

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