Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big Bang Theory - 'Dirt People'

I have just watched episode 15 of the 4th season. And I loved it. It was really funny with the joke Humanities. Although I'm a literature student, I enjoyed it. There are trans of some parts I loved:

Amy: And consider this, without you to make the case for the physics department, the task will fall to people like Leonard and Rajesh.
Sheldon: Are you trying to scare me? ‘Cause you’re succeeding.
Amy: Well, then prepare to be terrified. If your friends are unconvincing, this year’s donations might go to, say, the geology department.
Sheldon: Oh, dear,not, not the dirt people!
Amy: Or worse, it could go to the liberal arts.
Sheldon: No!
Amy: Millions of dollars being showered on poets, literary theorists and students of gender studies.
Sheldon: Oh, the humanities!
And during the party:
Sheldon (behind them): No, no, no, I’m just here for your money. I don’t want to shake anyone’s germy hands. Explain it to them, Siebert.

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