Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Song of Tuesday: PLACEBO 'Twenty Years'

Hello hello hellooo after a long break! I haven't been able to write for a long time but I have reason which I will explain later. Anyway I want to mention about one of my fav songs: Twenty years by Placebo. It was a song that  I  gave myself as birthday present when I turned twenty years old. It is one of the inspiring pieces I enjoy listening all the time. And the punch lines are these:

And that´s the end and that´s the start of it,
That´s the whole and that´s the part of it,
That´s the high and that´s the heart of it,
That´s the long and that´s the short of it,
That´s the best and that´s the test in it,
That´s the doubt,the doubt,the trust in it,
That´s the sight and that´s the sound of it,
That´s the gift and that´s the trick in it...

I don't know whether there are twenty years to go in front of me, or this is the golden age but I know there are twenty ways to know in a world full of corruption and tricks. Life is full of contrasts and surprises. When you think you have reached the end there you start something new or vice versa... Nevertheless I hope a life full of gifts, joy and success for all of us.

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