Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Green : A Brief Travel to Hometown

Yes, its time to talk about vacation! The week before I went to a few cities including my hometown, K. It's a lovely city by the Black Sea. But there is a curse for me there, I think. Because each time I feel so excited and each time something bad happens to me. This time wasn't an exception. But I won't mention that. First day we were in Z., the city where my uncles live and the first photo was taken from the window of my uncle. Z. is the city where the chain of events began. The first night we planned to stay at my uncle's home. We were in the last days of Ramadan and were supposed to wake up before dawn to have Suhoor. When we got up their phone rang and we learned that father of my uncle's wife had had cerebral bleeding and was in the hospital. They immediately left house. We help them to pack their suitcases and saw them off. It was an awkward situation to be left in a home and seeing the hosts off in the middle of the night! Fortunately old man got well few days later.    
 The second sea photo, on the right, is from my hometown, K. Two days later we arrived there after having been to three cities already. Z,K,S and finally K are all coast line cities. My grandfather has an old house there and we stay there when we want to get some fresh air. Wild flowers, huge trees, animals all fascinate me. For this reason when I saw the blackberries by the roadside I couldn't help jumping out of the car and eat a few of them. This excitement  came to an end, unfortunately,  when my little sister warned me saying "Aren't you fasting?". I spitted out the berries :( And I wrote "üşengç" -one 'e' missing- "lazy" on my fav yellow notebook with them and surely my Chevy was with me.
The last photo you see is the view from our living room and the reason of our being attached to our hometown.

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